It’s sort of a different concept. Posts and users also have position in addition to age and score. The sorting algorithm gives you complete control over how much to weight each one. It’s like if new and hot existed on a continuous spectrum. It’s sort of like what Aaron Swartz initially wanted to do with Reddit where what you like would be able to inform what you might like in the future. But in this case you get complete control over how much that matters.

I’m adding bits and knobs here and there every day. Yesterday I added the ability to have posts that are hidden from the front page. It’s probably not a feature people will use every day but it’s there if someone wants it and it’s things like that I’m working on every day. In a little bit I’m going to add a “post whenever” feature in case someone wants to post a ton of content and have it actually post over time.

I’d say all and all the project has been a success for what I wanted to do with it and I’m happy with what I’ve built. The other side of it is trying to build community on the site. For example we do a movie night once a week on Saturdays.

Oh. Another thing that is different to most reddit clones is that every community exists. Like you don’t have to create a community to post to it. Just post to it. Different capitalization maps to the same community.

You guys should check it out. It would be super awesome if anynone wants to help fill in the more obscure topics.

  • @Darkenfolk
    93 months ago

    It would be honestly more helpful if you posted a link to this “far right content” as proof of your point.