Tl:dr: would you be okay to migrate the community to another instance for better performance? The change for you would just be one click to subscribe to the new community on the new instance.

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed, there have recently been issues with instances located far geographically (i.e. Australia) to stay synced with LW since they switched to 0.19.3.

What is the issue?

Since Lemmy version 0.19, which LW updated to recently, management of requests between server has changed, potentially leading to some instances losing synchronization, especially if there is a lot of physical distance between them.

Among the impacted instances:

Some other instances were affected in the past, such as (see their dedicated post

A graph can be seen here, the number represent activities (votes, comments, posts) that are queued to be send to the instances. The number was growing because LW can not process the activities fast enough

More details can be found here:

There was also another thread detailing the centralization of active communities on LW:

Having most the active communities of Lemmy on one single instance can create this kind of scaling issues, which prevents some instances to stay synchronized and interact with the rest of the Fediverse. At the time of this post, Reddthat, but also, and are between 400.000 and 2 millions actions behind LW (

Please note that while there are a lot of actions that are pending from LW to some servers, most of the federation between servers still happens instantly. LW is in a kind of unique position due to how many active communities and members they host.

The Lemmy code will probably be reworked to solve this issue in the future, but there is still actions we can take now to mitigate the issue.

What can we do to help with this matter? Migrate!

We discussed it within the moderation team, and we wanted to suggest you, our members, to move the community to, as they are the second biggest instance, but are still able to process all actions under 1 minute on average:

That would at least solve the federation issue for our community, and members from those instances would be able to interact with it. Long term fix would require a rework of the Lemmy codebase, but that’s out of scope of our proposal.

This is how we would proceed:

  • asking community for feedback (that’s where we are now).
  • if the community agrees, go to the next steps
  • create another post to redirect people to the new community (probably locking the previous community temporarily to ensure that people would go to the new one) on the new instance
  • create a few posts on the new instances to ensure that the migration has been completed

What would that change for you?

If we indeed decide to migrate, you would just have to subscribe to the new community, and that would be it.

Your choice

Would you be okay with this? Feel free to share your feedback on the comments. For people who just want do give their feedback without having to comment, I will add two comments with potential opinions to choose from.

We will keep the thread open for at least 5 days (so until next Wednesday), with a potential extension if needed.

Thank you for reading everything, and see you in the comments.

  • @Blaze
    43 months ago

    It could be permanent, I said temporary because we could always reevaluate after a few weeks.

    I was just thinking about when ! got locked because ! was created, and then people complained that they wanted both to coexist.

    I guess if once the vote is done, the 13 or so people who want to keep in on LW want to be able to reopen it once the migration is over, that could be discussed.