Update 35.5 - The Seven Crimes of Kullervo arrives tomorrow. To help you prepare for the exchanging of blades surely to ensue, here are our anticipated build sizes on all platforms. Note that these may change slightly on launch:

PC: 1.04 GB XBX: 38.8 GB* (remaster) PS4: 1.32 GB PS5: 2.84 GB NSW: 736.1 MB

*For the Xbox download tomorrow, the large build size is from a classic remaster of miscellaneous elements in the game, which reduces the overall size for Warframe from over 70 GB down to just 38.8 GB once the Update has finished downloading! Note that you will need to redownload the entire game (38.8GB) before the remaster can occur.

Prepare your platforms as you see fit and steel your resolve before stepping into Kullervo’s Hold tomorrow. You’ll need it.

  • KaynMA
    101 year ago

    Other games now take up over 100 GB while DE casually halves Warframe’s installed size. Nice!

    • Rylatar
      91 year ago

      Warframe’s optimization truly is something else. Both in terms of space and the stuff it can run on.

    • Kaldo
      51 year ago

      It is absolutely insane that warframe takes less than 30GB of space (on PC rn at least), and with pretty fast loading times with that as well.