Kagi is a paid alternative to ad-supported search engines like Google and DuckDuckGo. It has recently revised its pricing model, reducing the cost for a plan with unmetered searches from $25 per month to $10.

Kagi boasts the following (and more) features:

  • Blocking or boosting specific domains in your search results
  • “Lenses”, which are individual setting profiles (e.g. region locks, domain whitelists) that can be applied to search queries
  • All of the Bangs that DuckDuckGo has (e.g. type “!yt” in front of your query to immediately search on youtube.com)
  • Universal Summarizer, which works with any website, PDF document, YouTube video and more

This blog post goes into full details about Kagi’s capabilities.

  • KaynOPA
    78 months ago

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      • TheRtRevKaiserM
        28 months ago

        I think you might need to take a break and cool off. You’re all over this thread getting way too heated for a discussion about a search engine. Please keep in mind Beehaw’s guiding principal and Be Nice.

      • KaynOPA
        18 months ago

        There is zero guarantee they are not logging.

        There is also zero guarantee that they are logging. Both are equally true.

        DDG has ads based off of search keywords.

        That’s still using the general DDG userbase as a product. Just because the ads aren’t personalized, doesn’t mean you’re not a product for ad placement.

        Wikipedia is entirely donations.

        Wikipedia is run by a non-profit organization. If something offered by a business is free, then you are the product.