Hello everyone! These past 2 weeks have been quite something, haven’t they? Whether you’re here to escape Reddit’s fallout or have already been part of the Lemmyverse for years, welcome!

First of all, to answer the most pressing question:

  • dormi.zone is here to stay.

I myself am a big fan of the fediverse, and I believe it has been yearning for more laser-focused communities like this one. I’m proud of how many people this community has attracted so far, and as the premier location for discussion around Warframe and Soulframe on the fediverse, dormi.zone will stay open for the forseeable future.

However, since the r/Warframe subreddit is also back open and in full operation with its more than 600k subscribers, most admins/moderators have returned there for their moderation duties. I will remain here as the head admin and I’m determined to make dormi.zone the best it can be.

Here’s what’s to come for the Warframe community on dormi.zone:

Simpler rules

dormi.zone started out with an exact copy of r/Warframe’s ruleset, which was carefully crafted and iterated on over multiple years, thanks to a team of dedicated people. The reality is that in dormi.zone’s current state, some of those rules are simply not needed. You can expect rules like the Expired Event Rule (“Event posts are removed after the event (alert, invasion, etc.) is over.”) to disappear and others to be simplified, which should also make the sidebar a tiny bit more compact.

Theme updates

You might have already noticed that dormi.zone looks a bit different than other Lemmy instances. Mainly because I felt like it, I had haphazardly created a custom theme to mimic our r/Warframe design, which even adapts to the community you’re currently on! Don’t look at the size of the CSS file this site has downloaded.

There are still some rough edges that will be polished in time. Future versions of Lemmy should make this much easier.

Weekly Posts

Lemmy does not come with an AutoModerator. I’ll have to make one myself to make moderating easier, and when I do, I might as well use it for some interesting weekly sticky posts. Instead of copying over the weekly threads of r/Warframe, I’ll be experimenting with new ones, with some of the potential ideas being:

  • a Weekly Reset thread that announces which loot this week has in store: Archon shards, Nightwave acts, Incarnon Genesis Adapters, and whether Teshin is carrying an Umbra Forma this week. (He has one this week btw)
  • a Weekly Discussion thread centered around a randomly chosen Warframe.
  • a Weekly Feedback thread that lets you exchange and discuss opinions, feedback and suggestions for a randomly chosen game mechanic.

Let me know about any other threads you’d like to see!

Knowledge Collection

A big reason why we reopened r/Warframe was because many people value it not only as a place for discussion, but also as a repository of knowledge and game information. This might have become increasingly obvious for anyone who searched for a resource map, a fishing guide, or that one modding infographic they’ve been missing in the last 2 weeks.

I might approach some creators of educational content and ask for their permission to repost their content on dormi.zone. I will always make sure to credit them and link to their original post and their socials.

If you want to help out, feel free to do the same thing yourself! Whenever you see some great guide anywhere else on the internet, you may add a copy of it to this community, with the original creator’s permission and with appropriate credit. Really, those people deserve it.

Ways to support dormi.zone

I want to be fully transparent about this. dormi.zone is currently going to cost me around $12.50/month for the server and $30/year for the domain, adding up to $180/year. I’m prepared to pay for this myself, but if anyone would like to support me in the future, I would appreciate it greatly.

I’ve been brainstorming ideas on how to reward supporters of dormi.zone, with the leading idea currently being a special sponsor user flair for a very low monthly commitment. People from other instances won’t see those though, which does diminish their value. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.

I can’t give you a timeframe for any of these topics, because I don’t have one. With a lot of IRL stuff on my plate, things might move slowly on dormi.zone, but I assure you they will move.

Thank you for your attention, and for being a part of this community! I’m curious to know your thoughts.