Welcome to the first Devstream Megathread on !warframe@dormi.zone! Discuss all events of the upcoming stream here.

Join the development team on a special date of Thursday, June 29th at 2 pm ET for the last Devstream before TennoCon 2023! We’ll be going over The Seven Crimes of Kullervo Update, what’s in store for the days leading up to TennoCon, and of course, more information about the big day of TennoCon 2023!

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  • KaynOPMA
    10 months ago

    The following is an automatically updated live recap of the devstream, brought to you by Cephalon_Zelgius and Kliuqard.

    Thanks to u/Kliuqard for screenshots and gifs



    The Seven Crimes of Kullervo

    “why is kullervo’s hold not always on the map”

    • memory restraints: to fit more content into duviri, it has to be split between moods
    • The event mode with a guaranteed kullervo fight can be brought back as a ghoul purge -like event

    Kullervo survivability changes

    • don’t call it shieldgating for overguard, but it’s basically shieldgating for overguard
    • overguard cap affected by pwoer strenght
    • bigger code change, so not too soon (the actual echoes of duviri update, probably)

    What’s in store for the days leading up to TennoCon

    Echoes of Duviri

    Wisp Prime

    Recall 10-0: 10 Years Warframe Celebration

    Dog Days is returning

    Scarlet spear… isn’t

    Prime Resurgence

    Amazon prime Gaming

    Tennocon 2023

    • the first in-person event in 3 years

    • tickets to attend are currently sold out

    • digital tickets stil lavailable

    • Baro with his entire inventory will stick around for a week after tennocon ends

    • Will feature a Warframe that starts with the letter “D”

    • specific news on cross-save

    Main Stage Schedule

    • 12:30 PM: Welcome to Tennocon 2023

    • Hosted by Megan Everett and Rebecca Ford

    • 01:00 PM: The Art of Warframe

    • Hosted by Megan Everett

    • 02:00 PM: Sounds of the System

    • Hosted by Taylor King

    • 03:00 PM: Cosplay Contest (competitive & non competitive)

    • Hosted by Helen Heikkilä

    • 04:30 PM: Tennolive 2023 (duration 90 minutes)

    • Hosted by Megan Everett


    10 Year Celebration Dex Drifter Suit

    other stuff

    • Frame reworks are something for after tennocon, inaros is currentl not on the list, but hydroid might be


    remember to claim your umbra forma