Have you been spending hours trying to pass a level? Or maybe you are completely addicted to a newly bought game. Do you have a question about a game or would like to share something else? In the Weekly Discussion Thread, you can do it all!

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  • @HipsterTenZero
    34 months ago

    finished Omori.

    Im glad I stuck around, kind of got a bit of RPG fatigue at the Sweetheart section. The gameplay was fine, i just kind of didnt have anymore RPG juice left in me and the RPG kept coming. Everything after Deeper Well was well worth the persistance though, and hoo boy the ending sequence came at me personally with a knife. Good game.

    • @SynopticVision@lemmy.world
      14 months ago

      I went very far with it but gave up because I was feeling quite fatigued. I think I’m a bit after the underwater (?) Highway. It’s a fine game but I don’t have the patience for that kind of grind and repetition anymore