I have setup the Lemmy backend but I can’t see the backend running just only json is displaying. Lemmy ui is also setup properly but with very limited features. See the attached screenshot of the backend. I run “cargo run” command to start the Lemmy Backend

  • KaynA
    49 months ago

    What would you like to manage?

    If you know SQL, you can view your users in the database directly.

    • @akwebdev@lemmy.mlOP
      39 months ago

      I actually manage my users like wants to see which user subscribed to the community, randomly send alerts to users, etc.

      I am very much familiar with SQL queries, but it is hard to run queries all the time.

      • RoundSparrow
        29 months ago

        randomly send alerts to users

        typically you make yourself moderator of a community or as admin of a site you can feature a post, make it appear at the top of the listing